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Arctic Chaga

What is Chaga?
Chaga has been used for centuries as a healing tea with a smooth flavor.
The fiber-rich mushroom is full of 215 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to human health, including B-complex vitamins, SOD’s (superoxide dismutase), antioxidants, beta-glucans, Betulinic acid, calcium, natural plant sterols and so much more.
We are one of a select few mushroom product-sourcing companies, creating a product for both retail and wholesale markets.Â
We sustainably harvest our Chaga from only birch trees in the subarctic climate generally around 65 degrees North outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. We use a harvesting process that ‘s environmentally friendly and low stress on the Chaga and the trees. We believe in protecting and respecting our natural environment to provide our future generations with Chaga for years to come.
Why Arctic Chaga?
Our Chaga is hand-picked from birch trees in the Alaskan wilderness. The freezing temperatures of Alaska have evolved our Chaga, so it produces dense, protective layers of antioxidants and nutrients to survive. Experts believe our record setting ORAC scores (antioxidant density) is attributable to Alaskan climate.

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