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Chick Ordering

Chick ordering info, terms, and conditions:

To make a phone order, please first print this page then initial and sign as indicated and fax to the store at 451-5573. Please call us if you have any questions.

We are unable to reship any birds so all orders must be picked up at the store.
1. All orders must be pre-paid and are non-refundable. Once ordered, you have purchased your birds. ______Initial.
2. Orders must be placed a minimum of three weeks in advance. Orders are confirmed when booked with the hatchery.
3. Customer demand and egg production influence availability so ordering as early as possible is best.
4. Order minimums: Chickens-8, red/black broilers-25, Ducks, Guineas and Turkeys-6, Geese-4. All are per variety.
5. Losses from shipping cannot be replaced with other orders and must be reordered. Hatchery availability determines replacement expediency. Anticipate one to three weeks for replacement delivery. ______ Initial.
6. Our hatchery guarantees 90% accuracy on sexed chicks. Expect 1 of every 10 “pullets” to be a cockerel.
7. We guarantee 100% live delivery for the first 24 hours. If you cannot return to the store within this 24-hour period, please notify us immediately by phone of any losses. ______ Initial.
8. We will notify you immediately on arrival. Chicks can be picked up 24 hours after notification and need to be picked up no later than 48 hours after notification. Chicks not picked up on time will be assessed an agreed $10/day caretaker charge or made available for resale. ______ Initial.
9. Questions about your order? Please call 451-5570.
I have read and understand the above conditions:

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