Alaska Chip Company

Potato Chips

Alaska Chip Company Chips are made from potatoes that are Alaska Grown, and cooked in 100% peanut oil one batch at a time. The reward is a thicker, crunchier, tastier potato chip that we hope you will prefer. All our products are made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Alaska Chips

5 oz. $4.99
The Original Alaska Chip. This is our most popular product, sometimes the best product is also the simplest. It's just right to go with your sandwich or to share with a friend.
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Grizzly Chips

5 oz. $4.99
Serious backcountry kettle chips. These chips are a delicious tangy barbecue flavor that will sustain you through the deepest backcountry whether your on or off the trail.
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Volcano Chips

5 oz. $4.99
Hot chips from a cool state. These chips pack just enough punch to remind you what hot is without burning your mouth. They will keep you warm even on the coldest Alaska winter night.
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Chilkoot Chips

5 oz. $4.99
Chips to take you over the trail. Who can resist the great taste of sour cream and chive. It's a baked potato flavor packed into a potato chip.
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Alaska Chip Company popcorn are popped in 100% peanut oil. All our products are made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Kettle Corn

8.5 oz. $5.99 » Add to Cart!
Our kettle corn is popped in big round kernels that are tender on the inside and yet crispy sweet on the outside.

Cheese Popcorn

6 oz. $5.99
We searched for over a year to find the best flavor of all natural cheese to make our cheese corn and finally found it. If you like the flavor of cheese and you like popcorn, you will simply love our cheese corn.
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